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This template is for linking to an article within a periodical, such as a newspaper or journal.


  • article Article name, as it appears in the text. You must give either this parameter or "direct_link".
  • periodical Periodical name (eg "The New York Times")
  • year Year (four digits)
  • month Month (no leading zeros)
  • day Day (no leading zeros)
  • series Series number
  • volume Volume in which the article appears. If you use this parameter, the link will be formatted in a "Periodical/Volume XX" manner, rather than "Periodical/Date"
  • issue Issue in which the article appears. Volume must be given. If you use this parameter, the link will be formatted in a "Periodical/Volume XX/Issue XX" manner, rather than "Periodical/Date"
  • issue_rank Rank of the iussue-level (e.g. "Issue", "Number" or "Part"). Defaults to "Issue" if not given. Enter "blank" to prevent any issue rank prefix, for example, for works with issues named by month.
  • You must give one of "year, month and day", "year and month", "year" or "volume". If you give a date and a volume, the volume will be used for the link, and the date will be presented after that, in brackets and unlinked.
  • link Article page name (if different to the article title). The "article" parameter will still appear as the link text.
  • direct_link Use this parameter if the article page is not in the periodical page hierarchy. This field is free-text, so you must add your own wikilinks, eg "[[Article title (NYT)]]". If you use this parameter, "link" and "article" are ignored. If you do not give "article", you must give this parameter.
  • author Author of the article. This is a free-text field: use [[Author:]] links. This allows multiple authors more easily. This will be preceded by "By".
  • coauthor Co-author of the author. This will be placed after the author, if given, and preceded by "with".
  • editor Editor. Placed after the author and co-author and preceded by "ed.".
  • p Page (or start page)
  • pp End page (only used if "p" given)
  • section Section of periodical in which the article is (e.g. "Home and Garden")


Basic usages[ред.]

*{{article link
 | article    = Tesla's Portrait Shown
 | periodical = The New York Times
 | year       = 1916
 | month      = 3
 | day        = 2

Additional parameters[ред.]

*{{article link
 | article    = Authors at Home.; XXV. William Henry Bishop at Yale.
 | link       = Authors at Home
 | periodical = The New York Times
 | year       = 1898
 | month      = 4
 | day        = 16
 | p          = RBA262
 | section    = Saturday Review of Books and Art
 | author     = [[Author:Burton J. Hendrick|]]
 | coauthor   = [[Author:Earl Sparling|]]


* {{article link
 | article    = Dr. Radcliffe
 | periodical = The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction
 | volume     = 10
 | issue      = 274 
 | year       = 1827
 | month      = 9
 | day        = 22

Direct link[ред.]

* {{article link
 | periodical = The Folk-Lore Journal
 | volume     = 1
 | direct_link = "Stories of Fairies from Scotland": pp. [[The Folk-Lore Journal/Volume 1/Stories of Fairies from Scotland (pp. 25-7)|25-7]]; [[The Folk-Lore Journal/Volume 1/Stories of Fairies from Scotland (pp. 55-8)|55-8]]
 | year       = 1883

Full list[ред.]

{{article link
  | article     = 
  | periodical  = 
  | year        = 
  | month       = 
  | day         = 
  | volume      = 
  | issue       = 
  | issue_rank  = 
  | link        = 
  | direct_link = 
  | author      = 
  | coauthor    =
  | p           = 
  | pp          = 
  | section     = 

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