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For use when a word is illegible from transcription. It allows for text to be displayed through a 'hover' function of the template.

To note that when used that the text will display in red in Page: namespace (illegible text) as an indicator to emphasise to proofreaders that attention is required, and to display in standard color in main namespace to de-emphasise.


  • Using named parameter texttip = …
{{нерозбірливо|texttip=text text text}}

Gives (нерозбірливий текст)

  • Using positional parameter
{{нерозбірливо|text text text}}

Gives (нерозбірливий текст)

  • To have an underlying dash
{{нерозбірливо|texttip=text text text|nodash=no}}

Gives (нерозбірливий текст)

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Використовує {{tooltip}}.